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Interview Process

By conducing the necessary preparation you will maximise your chances of successful interview. The right preparations mean that you will put yourself in a better position in comparison to other candidates.

Research the Company

By researching the profile of the company it allows you to have a better understanding of the company and also indicates your interest and level of drive in relation to the position.

You can utilise the following in your research:

  • Internet - visiting the company’s website provide a basic understanding about the company
  • Search engines - in order to give you the most updated developments
  • Competitors
  • Key Staffs
  • Future plans for growth

Alternatively you can ask your Matrix consultant to provide you more information about the company.

Research the location

It is also highly recommended that you work out your route in advance in order to allow for unforseen circumstances that could create delays. In the eventuality that you are unfamiliar with the location it is highly recommended that you conduct a trial journey. This will give you the peace of mind necessary for maximising your chances of successful interview.

Research the position

Talk to your Matrix Consultant about the role and make sure that you have a copy of the job specification.

The Interview

The interview process begins the moment you arrive at the company. It is essential that you apply yourself in a professional manner.

  • Be on time: it is essential that you allow yourself necessary time to get to the interview. By arriving few minutes before the interview you allow yourself time to relax and prepare for the interview.
  • Professional presentation: it is highly recommended that you have dressed with your businesses attire, as this will put you in a favourable position. Make sure that you shake firmly and make eye contacts with the interviewer.
  • Ask questions
    This area is one of the most neglected aspects of the interview that most candidates shy away from. By asking relevant questions from the interviewer you differentiate yourself from other candidates and create the competitive edge.
    It is highly recommended that you ask open-ended questions that can engage the interviewer and allow the interviewer to provide additional information.
    1. Why the position has been created?
    2. Who will I report to?
    3. What are my daily tasks?
    4. The size of the team.
    5. How will my performance be measured?
    6. What are opportunities for growth and development?
    7. What is the growth plan for the company?
    8. What specific training programs are available?
    9. What is the next step in the interview process?
    10. When will I be notified of the results?
  • Answer the questions with a plan: It is important that you answer the questions with examples from previous employment when applicable and answer the questions in a precise and meticulous manner. Talk to your Matrix consultant for more information.

Some issues to consider

  • Salary: It is our job to secure the most favourable salary for our candidates and in the eventuality that you are asked about your salary expectations, it is recommended that you ask the interviewer to speak with Matrix IT in relation to your expectations.
  • Show interest and enthusiasm by asking questions. If you ask relevant questions it indicates that you are not there for just a job and adds value to your presentation.
  • Do not condemn past employers
  • Be positive and confident

After the completion of the interview

  • Ask about the next stage if you are interested: It is always recommended that you ask about the next stage of the interview if you are interested in the position. This gives the interviewer some feedback in relation to your feedback about the role and hence.
  • Finally contact your Matrix Consultant Account Manager Consultant and provide feedback on the company and the position.

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